About Urogynaecology

What Is Urogynaecology?

Urogynaecology is the field of medicine specialising in pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) in women of all ages, it involves the management of:

  • Bladder dysfunction (usually urinary incontinence).
  • Vaginal dysfunction (usually prolapse of uterus and vagina).
  • Lower bowel dysfunction (usually poor bowel control).

How Common Is Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?

If you are suffering some form of pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) such as leakage of urine, prolapse of the vagina or uterus, or loss of bowel control then you are not alone. Many Australian women suffer from PFD.

  • Overall 46% of women suffer a form of pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD).
  • One in eight women leak urine.
  • One third of women over 65 years have urinary incontinence.
  • One in four women have prolapse and one in nine women will require surgery for prolapse.
  • One in thirty women suffer bowel control problems.

Fortunately most women with PFD can be successfully treated by either non-surgical and surgical treatments.

What Does Urogynaecology Provide?

A multidisciplinary approach to care. Clinical and investigative assessment of PFD.

Non-surgical (e.g. physiotherapy, medications, vaginal pessary) and surgical treatments for PFD.

Involvement in important clinical research.

Teaching and training for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.